Emporio Chianti

Via Ferruccio, 15 - Castellina in Chianti (si)
tel: (+39) 0577 1652152- mail: info@emporiochianti.it
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Castellina in Chianti

castellina in chianti
castellina in chianti
castellina in chianti
castellina in chianti

Castellina in Chianti is sited at the border between Florence and Siena, beside the Chianti area, positioned on a crest that dominates the hills between Val d'Elsa, Val di Pesa and Arbia river valley.

The origins of the village are certainly Etruscan, as it is demonstrated by the Montecalvario tomb located at a few steps from the village, and the near Poggino necropolis, in Fonterutoli. During the Middle Ages, this favorable position made Castellina one of the most strategic outposts considering the war, battles and rivalry between Florence and Siena.

Tourists and travellers that visit Castellina always appreciate his typical old and characteristic town centre; a must-see is definitely La Rocca, a castle that hosts the Chianti Senese Archaeological Museum and the magical Via delle Volte.